Poetry Thursday: My enemy, my Sherpa

halftone image of woman holding hands in front of face

Do not wish away time
or fat
or fear
or change
or any other

If you face them,
those thieves
of what you thought
you wanted
will show you
to your heart's true love.

If you hide,
in the dark
in a bottle
in a bag of Doritos
in the glow of a screen
under cubicle light
behind walls of silence
beneath waterfalls
of meaningless chatter,
they will hunt you down

They will show you.
They will show you.

If they have to wait
until your dying breath

they will show you.

How much better
to invite them in
for a cup of tea
and a moment's rest
and hear
what they have
to offer.

Hello, my enemy!
My teacher!

Let me sit at your feet
and work out the kinks
while you tell me how
to unbuckle my life...