Frrrrriday Rrrrroundup! #37

a teapot-shaped cookie with a silhouette on the icing

An end-of-weekly roundup collecting fffffive of the fffffantabulous things I find stumbling around the web. More about the genesis here. Every damned Friday Round-Up here, you procrastinating slacker, and kindred spirit!

Kevin Smith, sometime-blowhard (and, by his own hilarious self-deprecating self-description, onetime "Fatty McNoFly"), writes an impassioned piece on owning the means of distribution as well as production. [delicious-ed, via Dave Seah/Sid Ceaser]

How the world takes apart women's bodies, and how exercise helps make them whole again. [Google Reader-ed]

Roger Ebert knows a good story when someone sends him one. [Facebook-ed, via Sally Jacobs]

On the fine art of the true walk. [Stumbled]


P.S. I think this is the last time I will mention the archives in one of these Friday posts. But don't quote me on that.

Photo by mischiefmari via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.