Frrrrriday Rrrrroundup! #49

letters reading "shoot the freak" strung between two buildings An end-of-weekly roundup collecting fffffive of the fffffoxiest things I fffffind stumbling around the web. More about the genesis here. Every dang Friday Round-Up here, you procrastinating slacker!

A useful (and very funny, and rather saucy) handbook for identifying idiots. [Facebook-ed]

How to fortify yourself against the marketing weasels trying to get into your pants. Er, wallet. [delicious-ed]

The Aid Contest of the Celebrity Exes. (Because sometimes, you can't improve on a title.) [Google Reader-ed].

Making art is hard. Watching Austin Kleon talk about it is easy. [Stumbled, via Seth Godin]

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Image by William Flavel via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.