What's up & what's gone down :: July 2011

Me! On "The Cocktail Napkin"! A mostly monthly but certainly occasional round-up of what I've been up to and what's in the hopper. For full credits and details, see this entry.

Colleen of the future (stuff I'll be doing)

  • July L.A. Biznik Mixer at Jerry's Famous [Los Angeles; Wednesday, July 20]  Fun, free, low-key networking plus great tips, tricks and ideas from your fellow indie-biz folk, which of course includes me. Duh. All that, and Happy Hour specials, too. My co-host this month is South Bay illustrator Donna Barger. I'd say "I hope she brings her sketch pad and does drawings of us all so we can pretend we're in 1920s expat Paris," but that would make me look really silly. Oh, wait, it just did. Join up here (free membership, which is nice), then sign up here.
  • My Big Scary Birthday Thing :: I'm rolling over the personal odometer in September, and planning kind of a massive thing to celebrate. If you want to get in on the earlybird peeps notification, no strings!, this is your last chance to sign up.

Colleen of the Past (what I have done for you lately)

  • The Cocktail Napkin video podcast :: The talented and gracious Jeremy Fuksa interviewed me for his awesome and highly prestigious podcast, "The Cocktail Napkin." (How prestigious? They're the newest member of the 5by5 network, home of "Back to Work" and "Let's Make Mistakes," among others.) It's titled "Bucking the Peter Principle," and yeah, among other things, I talk a lot about how ridiculously incompetent I proved to be as a manager back in my adhole days. Big fun, lots of laughs.
  • ASMP's Strictly Business Blog :: My latest piece is all about summer reading for people who have issues with summer reading. Hello, Type-As! I'm looking at you!
  • ASMP Social Media Tutorial :: I wrote the intro and first segment to this new tutorial in ASMP's excellent series. It's expressly for photographers, but (shhhh!) pretty much anyone who calls themselves a creative business should be able to get something out of it.

Colleen of the Present (stuff I do, rain or shine)

  • communicatrix | focuses :: My monthly newsletter devoted to the ways and means of becoming a better clearer communicator (plus a few special treats I post nowhere else). This month: How to talk FAST (or, pulling a talk for 500 people out of your ass the night before). Free!
  • Act Smart! is my monthly column about marketing for LA Casting. Nominally for actors, there's a ton of good info in there for any creative business person. Browse the archives, here.
  • Internet flotsam :: If you suffer from a surfeit of time, you can always look for me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and delicious. Oh, and that Google+ all the nerds are yakking about. But not much yet. Only so many hours in a day.

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Image by Armosa Studios via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.