There is no "over", only "done"

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We were a hair's breadth from reaching the $50,000 mark when I said, okay, I typed into Facebook, that I hoped I'd be able to get the above video posted to the web before this whole thing was over.

Whereupon my wise, slightly-elder friend and font of inspiration Patti Digh said, okay, typed back into Facebook:

It's never over, sugar; it just ends.

(She's from the South, see; she can get away with that "sugar" stuff.)

And she's right, and about more than crazy birthday fundraising schemes: you don't stop writing because you're done with your book; you start writing a new book.

We're now past the $50,000 mark. So much happened in a few hours, I'm fairly overwhelmed. It's a good thing I didn't wait until now to make today's video, and not just because there's no light left.

Know this: I am grateful for every step of this journey so far. I am grateful to every single person who gave, passed along word, promoted, lent a sweaty hand, and cheered.

And this part has ended. But it ain't over. Not by a long shot.

xxx c