Good enough: A 21-Day Salute™


The sidebar to the right was supposed to be cleaned up before I started writing here again. There was also supposed to be a new logo on the tippy-top and faster-loading lines of code underneath. And if you looked at it all on your smartphone, it was supposed to fit perfectly. That word will get you into trouble every time—"perfectly." Ditto the ones "supposed to."

Speaking of words, this particular collection of them was supposed to be coming together earlier and far more elegantly than it did. It was supposed to be longer, then shorter, then longer still, then verse, of all things. It was supposed to explain everything quite clearly, yet remain vaguely mysterious and faintly oblique. It was definitely supposed to have fewer adverbs.

Also, the shadow on the accompanying photo wasn't supposed to be there, and I was supposed to either go back and snap another picture or—don't laugh—learn Photoshop well enough to remove it by the time this went up.

And I wonder why I wander away from writing.

So here: a second fresh start, just like the first one, only completely different.

Because while I am still a ways from being a tree—from feeling I am good enough simply by virtue of being—I can finally see it from here.

And that is worth a Salute.

xxx c

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