Poetry Thursday: Narcissus and the World Wide Web

The Internet is full of shrimp and Perry Mason tonight.

When I woke up it was wall-to-wall awesome, pulsing with possibilities for advancement and intellectual growth and emotional connection, an endless road there to take me anywhere I wanted, anywhere in the world.

By noon, I had turned it into a moving sidewalk between Terminals B and C, some tedious ride I've taken too many times, with ads up one side and mirrors down the other, the better to get a good, long look at the asshole who thought she could outwit the Web.

But tomorrow is another day like Scarlett said on Netflix streaming. Tomorrow I will bring that bitch to her knees just as soon as I check my email and my stats and a few select places for mention of my name.

In the meantime, let's see what's up with Della and that stir-fry recipe...

xxx c

Image by xJasonRogersx via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license. (And the full-sized, uncropped version is much better. You should take a look.)

Nerd Love: A 21-Day Saluteâ„¢, Day 01


Dorks. Geeks. "Losers." Misfit toys.

Yesterday's post got me thinking: of all the people in the world, I love nerds the most. Nerds make lists. Nerds believe in science, not fairy tales, or when they believe in fairy tales, it's because they make them up themselves. Funny ones, not weird ones. Because while nerds are, in the main, incredibly weird, they are also creative and have a goddamn sense of humor.

No, I don't love all nerds. And yes, nerds can be incredibly annoying. I, myself, am often unbelievably annoying, ask anyone. Especially people who know me well.

But I can love something about almost any nerd, and I'll put up with their tics and quirks, their OCD and Robert's Rules of Order. Because without nerds, there would be no art, refrigeration, poetry, electricity, music, software, hardware, decent food, kickass design or funny movies that are actually funny, not to mention a whole bunch of stuff that people who tend to dislike or fear nerds use a lot, like churches, AM radio and the U.S. interstate highway system.

Bottom line: true nerds, Good nerds, if you will, don't think the world revolves around them. They have a healthy curiosity about the world around them, are always looking for new, cool, interesting stuff, and are continually improving themselves, whether they call it that or not. Nerds are helpful and additive, looking to make the world a better, more inclusive place (as opposed the world many of them, us, grew up in). Nerds don't leech off the system, step on people to get somewhere else, have grandiose notions of themselves or tell other people where to get off.

They can't: they're nerds.

Of course, there are plenty of people who are doing stuff that emulates self-improvement or invention or being helpful, but they are not real nerds. They are just sad. They are losers without the quotation marks. You can usually spot them by their lack of irony, and they're best given a wide berth. Talking to them is, sadly, a waste of breath. Wastes your time and annoys the pig, if you catch my drift.

So to offset the horror of the upcoming "holiday" (and boy, how much do I love putting THAT in quotes?!!), a 21-day buffer of lists and hacks, tips and tools, silliness and creativity.

An homage to nerdery. As if that's not what this whole, damned blog is already.

Let the dorkiness begin...


Image by word freak via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.