hard-times500px I've reviewed these books on the blog or on Amazon/Goodreads which for the most part means they are worth a read. Titles link to Amazon, and are affiliate links; links to my reviews are in brackets. For more on all this book hoo-ha, and why I put this page together, please refer to "The Whore of Babylon has some books she'd like you to buy." I do read far more good books than, alas & alack, I have time to review.

As my general rule is to stop reading a book if it sucks (for me!), you may also find worthy things to read in my lists of books read annually: 2014 (still in progress); 201320122011; and 2010.

If you're looking for help on getting more reading done, here's a post I wrote on how I finally accomplished reading 52 books per year. Happy reading!



Memoir & biography


Self-improvement :: De-cluttering

Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Business, marketing, etc.


Graphic Novels/Illustrated

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