asmp-guide-to-new-markets In 2010, to improve both my brain and my writing, I committed to reading a book per week. By using the tactic of reading in 40-page increments, I managed to read a whopping-for-me 78!

Below is the list of books I've completed reading in 2013. Where I've reviewed the book in question, I've linked to the title, whether on this blog, Amazon, GoodReads, or other Internet-accessible location. Thank you for reading!

  1. No One Belongs Here More Than You, by Miranda July (224pp) on 01/03*
  2. Why Didn't I Say That? The Gentle Art of Self-Defense, by Donald Carroll (141pp) on 01/04*
  3. Tiny, Beautiful Things, by Cheryl Strayed (353pp) on 01/07*
  4. Dear Life, by Alice Munro (336pp) on 01/17*
  5. Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud (224pp) on 01/21
  6. Civilwarland in Bad Decline, by George Saunders (179pp) on 01/29 [read on Kindle 3]
  7. Secrets of a Fashion Therapist, by Betty Halbreich (220pp) on 01/29
  8. Why You're Not Married...Yet, by Tracy McMillan (224pp) on 02/12 [read on Kindle 3]
  9. A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson (300pp) on 02/13**
  10. A Poetry Handbook, by Mary Oliver (144pp) on 02/19
  11. The Truth About Style, by Stacy London (224pp) on 02/19
  12. Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson (247pp) on 02/21
  13. Co-Active Coaching, by Whitworth, Kimsey-House, Kimsey-House & Sandahl (304pp) on 02/22
  14. Inner Security & Infinite Wealth, by Stuart Zimmerman & Jared Rosen (170pp) on 02/24
  15. What Teachers Make, by Taylor Mali (197pp) on 02/25
  16. The Steps We Took, by Joe McQ (192pp) on 03/02
  17. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (213pp) on 03/04
  18. Advanced Style, by Ari Seth Cohen (240pp) on 03/12
  19. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, by Nick Flynn (347pp) on 03/16
  20. Be Here Now, by Ram Dass (416pp) on 03/17
  21. Sleepwalk with Me, by Mike Birbiglia (191pp) on 03/20
  22. When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chödrön (160pp) on 03/27
  23. Alone With You: Stories, by Marisa Silver (164pp) on 03/28
  24. The Tools, by Phil Stutz & Barry Michaels (288pp) on 04/02
  25. The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson (pp) on 04/04
  26. Drop the Rock, by Bill P., Todd W., Sara S (100pp) on 4/22
  27. If the Buddha Dated, by Charlotte Kasl (212pp) on 04/24**
  28. The Laws of Subraction, by Matthew May (224pp) on 04/28
  29. Take Time for Your Life, by Cheryl Richardson (272pp) on 05/19
  30. A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L'Engle (238pp) on 05/24**
  31. Female Chauvinist Pigs, by Ariel Levy (200pp) on 05/28
  32. I Brake for Yard Sales, by Lara Spencer (176pp) on 05/29
  33. My Booky Wook, by Russell Brand (405pp—he likes his typefaces like he likes ladies' breasts—BIG) on 06/04
  34. This Is How to Get Your Next Job, by Andrea Kay (238pp) on 06/05
  35. Paying For It, by Chester Brown (280pp) on 06/07
  36. The First 20 Hours, by Josh Kaufman (288pp) on 06/11
  37. The Sermon on the Mount, by Emmet Fox (192pp) on 06/22
  38. If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?, by Susan Page (352pp) on 06/25
  39. The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer (200pp) on 07/09
  40. Help, Thanks, Wow, by Anne Lamott (112pp) on 07/11
  41. How to Be an Adult, by David Richo (144pp) on 07/12
  42. How to Be an Adult in Relationships, by David Richo (240pp) on 07/31
  43. Bad Behavior, by Mary Gaitskill (208pp) in August
  44. By Some Miracle, I Made It Out of There, by Tom Sizemore with Anna David (240pp) in August
  45. The Diamond Cutter, by Michael Roach (240pp) in August
  46. Malarky, by Anakana Schofield (225pp) on 8/13
  47. Party Girl, by Anna David (288pp) in September
  48. Secrets of Professional Organizers, by in September [read on Kindle 3]
  49. Your First 1000 Copies, by Tim Grahl, (147pp) in September
  50. Start Where You Are, by Pema Chodron
  51. Codependent No More, by Melody Beattie
  52. Get the Guy, by Matthew Hussey
  53. The Magus, by John Fowles
  54. Little Children, by John Perrota
  55. Going Clear, by Lawrence Wright
  56. The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath**

*Started in 2012. **Re-read