Alexander the "Enh..."

From the IMDb news:

'Alexander' Panned

Critics have panned new Oliver Stone movie Alexander after early previews of the historic epic. The Oscar-winning director allowed a lucky few a sneak peek of the film - which stars Colin Farrell and is due for release later this month - but critics were unimpressed and have voiced their concerns on the world wide web. One review, posted on, reads, "This movie is a mess. According to Stone he just finished this film on Friday and, in my opinion, it looks like he rushed it out the door. The story is incohesive, the acting is uninspired, and the whole look is incredibly pieced together." Another adds, "I was stunned - and I say that without snarky irony - stunned by how bad this movie was. Overacting, bizarro camera work and frame tinting, lackluster battles. God, it was just a mess."

Well, duh. I mean, did you see that trailer?