What's a ghoul to do? Go to the show!

zombie attack

In addition to being a stand-up guy, Justin Tanner writes hilarious plays. Zombie Attack! ran at various venues in L.A. for ten years and I can see why, it's 70-odd minutes of almost non-stop hilarity, all of it deliciously irreverent. (Bonus-extra: hottie Jeremy Sisto sighting in the beer garden apres.)

This incarnation marks the fifth anniversary of the end of Zombie's long run, and it's just wonderful. The production has Justin's usual crack team of actors and lickety-split pacing, plus more laughs per minute than you're likely to find anywhere right now in L.A. theater. It closes next weekend (the 27th) so don't be draggin' yer heels, kids.

And next up at the Third Stage in Burbank (which, bonus-bonus extra, has freaky-good art in the audience restroom and green room) is Bob's Holiday Office Party, which I had the great good fortune to catch last year, its ninth consecutive in L.A.

Put it together with Peace Squad and you've got a trifecta of good L.A. theater.

Now that's scary...

xxx c