Game over, alright.

gameover A random email turned up this game, designed for kids (although the patronizing "good!"s and "okay!"s would piss off anyone over the age of 3, if you ask me) but kind of eye-opening for adults.

I mean you know where Kansas is, basically, but unless you're from one of the six contiguous states that surround it, I defy you to place it properly (within, say, 10 miles) on a blank U.S. canvas. And I'm from Illinois. (Well, Chicago, anyway. And yes, it's different. Trust me.)

And it's not like you get all the waterfront states first so you can drop Tennessee in plop! next to...well, I'm not saying, smarty. Figger it out on yer own.

Anyway, I'm posting my shame for all to see: 88% correct; average error, 33 miles; time, a whopping 343 seconds.

And now, off to my holiday task: uploading images to the Peace Squad C**éPress Store for the fabulous 99¢ Only holiday operetta, opening this Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

xxx c

P.S. Thanks to Marius from the Big Cheap Theater (BCT) list for the link.

UPDATE 2/26/06: C**éPress link removed along with store due to outrageously rotten customer service.