How? No...YES!!!

Wednesday is List Day here at Imagine my consternation, then, when I pulled up this entry from Evelyn Rodriguez's always-stimulating blog this morning in my RSS reader and realized I could not possibly coast on Fave Rave Eric Rohmer Flix or 10 Ways to Ace Yourself Out of a Date with the Communicatrix Through Your Profile Alone, but would have to address the role of risk in effecting change. Unless...

Well, unless I can combine the two. How would it look if I did? What could be gained by compiling a list instead of writing an essay? How might I feel if I were able to do it? What impact might it have on my life as an artist, a blogger, a designer, a friend & companion?

Okay, enough. You get the idea. Or if not, you can go read Evelyn's post about Peter Block's book, The Answer to How is Yes and the leap of faith required in any great venture.

And so, my list. I put these things forth not to toot my own horn, but to tell everyone within shouting distance,"if an a**hole like me can do it, imagine what you smart people can do":


  1. Got copywriting job with worst book in ad history.
  2. Got into Groundlings Sunday Company with no prior experience being funny.
  3. Did not die when world collapsed after being unceremoniously booted from Sunday Company. (NOTE: Seriously, this was worse than any breakup, divorce or death of a loved one I have experienced. Yeah, I'm nuts; I'm an actress, for cryin' out loud.)
  4. Wormed my way into best 99-seat theater company in L.A. with worst resume in L.A. theater history.
  5. Became working actress at 36 (that's 207 in Hollywood Years).
  6. Despite dour prognosis from Son-of-Mengele Colorectal Surgeon, went from Miss Bloody Hamburger Intestines of 2002 to a clean colonoscopy in two years.
  7. Co-wrote & produced play about aforementioned bloody colon that people actually came to see.
  8. Taught myself enough graphic design to pass.
  9. Got invited to blog for honest-to-jesus metblog.
  10. Met blogging idol.

What dream can you say "yes" to right now?

xxx c