What to get the butt doctor who has everything

cscope 0904 As a neophyte blogger, I'm still fascinated by every technical aspect of blogging. But I'm especially curious about where my up-to-200 hits per day are coming from. I mean, I have friends, but not that many. And while my new presence at blogging.la has driven some traffic over here, there are still plenty of people who randomly stumble on my wacko wedge of iSpace and, I guess, poke around a bit while they're here.

Many of them come via Google. Some are doing a search on my name, which freaks my shit out a little, but since I've not done too many noteworthy things I'm ashamed of, doesn't really keep me up at night. (I have lain awake wondering if any of the other Colleen Wainwrights ever Google our name and if so, whether they click on my links like I do theirs.)

But by far my favorite Google search landing people here thus far is this one: colorectal + surgeon +  christmas + gift + ideas.


Frankly, I'd sooner go back on prednisone than buy a gift for the one colorectal surgeon it's been my misfortune to meet. But if you have a beloved butt doctor on your holiday shopping list, I do have a suggestion.

If you don't have one of your own, I'd be happy to make you a copy of my own recent colonoscopy memento (see  above-left) at cost. It was taken just this fall that sought-after c-scope photog, Dr. Graham Woolf of Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles. Because, after two years of struggling with Crohn's, I'm happy to report that my colon is pretty as a picture.

Not to mention suitable for framing and gifting.

xxx c