AppleThe communicatrix tends to get a little obsessive at times. (And when she does, she finds it easier to admit to it in the third person.) Lately, for a variety of reasons which I'll go into in a later post, my fixation has been a little gem of a book called Three Black Skirts: All You Need to Survive, which I've re-checked out from the library, renewed twice, and paid enough in asshole tax on to own several times over.

My initial trip down the rabbit hole (a.k.a., Internet) wasn't immediately fruitful that in that it turned up next to nothing on the book's elusive author, Anna Johnson. But it did unearth, via a good-natured Australian who engineers websites, a wonderful young Irish artist named Oliver Jeffers.

His site is a little slow to load and it takes some futzing to figure out the navigation (or hell, maybe I'm just too damned old) but boy oh boyo, is this kid worth it. His use of color is spectacular, even over the Internet and through the thin film of dirt on my monitor, and his images are fresh and lively and startling. The one above left made me laugh out loud. (That's a good thing.)

HAPPY NOTE: Subsequent trips down the rabbit hole this morning to collect links for this post have produced more info on Ms. Johnson (hooray!), so more on her later...

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