Think globally, meme locally

StreetervilleI'm a little behind on my blog reading or I'd have already known that Google Maps (still in beta, but beddy, beddy cool) added Keyhole technology (which, apparently, they've bought, like everything else) with the what's-in-it-for-me result that you can now SATELLITE MAP your house! I know this because I did, in fact, satellite-map my current pad, but there are too many distinguishing landmarks to post it publicly and I'm not going to make the stalking any easier for you guys. Plus, when it comes to current affairs, anyway, I prefer to remain a Woman Of Mystery.

However, I see no problem with taking you all on a trip down memory lane. So trek on over to Flickr and check my memory map of Near North side of Chicago, bumps and all.

Thanks to the ever-wonderful Jason Kottke for pointing out both this righteous new technology and Matt Haughey's groundbreaking (hahaha) memory map.