Weekly roundup

My breadcrumb trail this week:

Why-didn't-I-think-of-that? Flickr knockoff tags, freaky-cool Japanimated snack food spots and astounding Rubik's Cube art. [All via BoingBoing.]

Author of the best list ever, writer of Onion headlines and a published New Yorker cartoonist? I hate you, Sam Means... [via McSweeney's]

"Pardon me, young man, but I speak jive." [via Urban Sherpa]

Cool gear, cool delivery system. [via Cool Hunting]

Finally, in my search for info on vlogging, I fell way, way down the Xiaxiu rabbit hole. Girlfriend (who does not vlog) is chatty as a magpie (well, she's 20) and way too fond of pink for my tastes but she's cheeky and brave and marches to her own damned band, which more than makes up for the pink-and-chatty thing.