Plus ca change...

While it's hard to believe, the first anniversary of communicatrix: the blog, is right around the corner. And, while TypePad has served me well for that year, for a couple of reasons I've been considering a move to blog publishing software + hosting situation.

First, cost: money continues to be an issue, and there are some savings to be realized by shifting to a DIY set-up, especially if I go with an open-source product like WordPress.

But second, and more important, really, is the feeling of personal satisfaction I think I might gain by flying solo. I like the idea of becoming a little more knowledgeable, a little more adept, a little more self-sufficient. I've read about the problems Wil has been going through updating MT, which scares me a bit, but really, in the end it's just a buncha words on a server. Not all of them especially memorable, really.

Anyway, if any of y'all still have the address bookmarked (does anyone still use bookmarks since the advent of RSS?), best update to plain old

And stay tuned for fresh details...and perhaps, a fresh look to go with them.

xxx c

P.S. If any of the five of you have recommendations, pluses, cons, raves, rants, about your fave blogging software, by all means, consider your advice solicited.