Searches, we get searchesâ„¢

searchesWoodwork squeaks and out come the communicatrix! show me some chicken curry embroidery designs (Google)

...and I'll show you some really twisted Indian chicks.

airbrushed tutus (Google)

When 14 yards of frothy, pink tulle just isn't femme enough.

hippie skivvies Jesters (Google)

I thought dirty hippies went commando.

killer scary clown clip art (Google)

As opposed to the soft, gentle clown clip art that quietly lulls one to sleep.

romance fiction harlequins (Google)

Must be that "Bodice-Ripper" tag I added last week.

recipe for baked chicken breasts and cream cheese - Heloise column (MSN)

Show of hands: who thinks Heloise is a honky?


Coming soon to a newsstandski near you.

RuckSack HA White Cover (Capacity 90 Lit) (Yahoo)

Communicatrix.comâ„¢: home of all your camping and outdoor needs!

credit cards suck (Google Images)

Click. No, really, click.

heloise odor stinky toilet solutions (AOL)

When you're done with those chicken-'n'-cream cheese roll-ups...

xxx c