Searches, we get searchesâ„¢

searchesWherein we occasionally divulge the strange, stray searches that lead the lost to the Land of (Broken) Promise in the Form of an Endless Loop, a.k.a. communicatrix. What Yes or No question would you ask a person that lies or tells the truth in order to save your life? (

"Am I on fire?"

truth about sparkletts (Google)!!!

weight loss with strong and noisy bowel movement in the wee hours of the morning (Yahoo) I being Punk'd?

fifty dollar chiffon prom dresses (MSN)

Oh, Mary! Christmas came early this year!

gay polyamory (Google Blogsearch)

Well, it says it right on my business card: "Communicatrix: Punditry on polyamory, gay and straight."

pictures celebrity bear breasts (MSN)

Whoa, Smokey has man-boobs?

happy ending shit hammered lower east side (Yahoo)

If that's a happy ending, remind me to steer clear of you on a bad day.

hermes scarf authentication (MSN)

Rub it on Catherine Deneuve. If she turns green, it's iron.

how much do "commercial actors make" money (Google)

Wait, they're "supposed to pay" me?

perverted private sites personals (Yahoo)

Yes, please.

xxx c