Searches, we get searchesâ„¢

searchesWherein we shamelessly mock others for our own amusement and to bump our hit count up of a Friday. communicating with the deceased (MSN)

Search turned up no results; are you sure you didn't mean "communicating with the diseased"?

free clip art of a snack room (MSN)

Man, that is gonna be one KICKASS monthly newsletter!

rhymes for sad (Google)

Gstaad? Hyderabad? Wait! Wait! Upanishad!

Poorly Designed Flyer Sample (Google Canada)

$#(@#&$ rude-ass Canadians! I suppose you could do better!


Whaddya wanna bet this guy wishes he'd paid more attention when the English teacher covered homonyms...

what a man searches for when looking for a wife (MSN)

Anything but the communicatrix...

garth margie's dark place (Google UK)

Dunno, but I'll bet it's quite different from Margie Garth's dark place.

mrs potato head funny pics (Google)

Sorry, we're fresh out. Could we interest you in a Mrs. Potato Head executed in the style of the Dutch masters?

Possible contractions for using false eyelashes? (Ask Jeeves)

Look, no more grammar questions today. My head hurts.

maltese whore david pics (AOL)

So many Flickr groups, so little time...

xxx c