Searches, we get searchesâ„¢: Year-end gala edition!

searchesBefore I leave for my sunshine winter holiday of lights, sound and fatty food, a few words from weary, wanderin' strangers 'round the globe. Lot of rhymin' fools this time of year... memory loss & crohn's disease (MSN Search)

I forget, do I have blood coming out of my ass or not?

what kind of relationships are in jamaica (MSN Search)

Lazy ones, mon.

camel toe song ppt (Google)

Now there's a presentation the boys in marketing can sit through.

what rhymes with sad (Google)


rhymes from daughters to fathers (Google)


Cher Pere: Ou est la mer? Claire


Dear Dad: You're rad! Love, Mad.

high tech shit (MSN)

The kind of crap I want for Christmas.

Poetry lesson and "Ball of Confusion" (MSN)

LESSON ONE: Become a Temptation.

william shatner dead wife vodka (Google)

Hm. Do you eat the pinky when you kill the bottle?

"heather woodbury" fomenting (Google)

Who says art isn't stirring, dammit!?!

sad rhymes (Google Deutsch)

Ein, schwei, drei...die, muthafucker!

And finally, to ensure that I endear myself to the fine folks at DreamHost next year by jamming their servers with useless shit:

"what does nsa mean" (Google)

NSA? You want to know the definition of NSA? You mean, you went online to Craig's List, trolled the personals, stumbled across the term "NSA", thought to yourself, "Self, I wonder what NSA means", Googled "NSA", pulled up a bunch of sites that seemed like they might "explain what NSA means", landed here...and now you're wanting to know "the meaning of NSA"? That's easy! NSA means...

"Neo-Swiftian Archetypes".

Merry Christmas, Fred! God bless us, every one!

xxx c