Cheering the Hell Up!

Remember when it used to be cheerful around here? Remember when there were funny posts about the Stupid Links That Brought People Here and hi-larious (if swear-filled) rants about The Evil Empire and helpful (if hi-larious) hints about how to get laid (or not) online? When things were light and saucy, even, and every post didn't read like someone shat in my non-SCD-compliant oatmeal that morning? So, okay, I had a few patchy months. That's no reason to be such a whiny Wendy! And yeah, I kinda-sorta want this site to be edumacational in nature. But who's gonna stick around to learn anything if I put them to sleep with a Presby-sermon every...well, at least I don't bore you poor people on a regular basis, just a sketchy, infrequent one.

Enough! Enough, I say!

Conventional wisdom dictates that it takes 21 days to change a habit or instill a new one. I'm committing to change right now, people: only upbeat, happy, tickle-me-Elmo posts each day, every day, for the next three weeks; that's my pledge of quality to you right now.

Imagine the superfun we'll all have together enjoying...

Serendipitous fripperies! Joyous lifehacks! Tasty, EZ-to-make treats! Hot monkey love!

And on that note, I leave you all with part deux of The BF's brilliant, kick-in-the-pantaloons idea for reinvigorating the moribund communicatrix-dot-com, the monkey half of the kitty-monkey equation, in the form of the brilliant, kick-in-the-pantaloons slam poetry gem, "Dance, Monkeys, Dance!"

dance, monkeys, dance!

xxx c