Good-looking vs. attractive...TV SPOTS!!!

liberty mutual ad I know Brandon will be all over my shit for not posting the actual GOOD-LOOKING VS. ATTRACTIVE blog first, but frankly, I am so pissed at Dreamhost now, I can barely write straight*.

Besides, it's too hot here in Ye Olde Time Los-Angeles-with-a-hard-"g" to think deeply. And I'm a former media maven. So I'm using my little corner of Le Web to crow about Liberty Mutual's latest commercial, yes, COMMERCIAL, which makes me weep and soar and want to do everything including go back into copywriting (well, almost). Seriously.

I still haven't figured out how to post goddam videos to my blog, but I'm posting the link to the YouTube upload here (and on the pic itself, natch).

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Almost makes up for that McDonald's crime against humanity where Young Mom and her Lispy Daughter bond over their mutual fabulousness and a faux-healthy UnHappy Meal. Gack gack gack. Could we just dispense with everyone in advertising except the Liberty Mutual people and whoever does the VFX for the GAP and the geniuses behind the new GEICO campaign? Really. I'll give up commercial acting; it's a fair trade.

xxx c

P.S. For the record, I could not disagree more vehemently with the board nerds who be hatin' on the superfantabulous Charo/Bacharach/Little Richard ads. First time I've smiled at a GEICO spot since they stopped airing mine.

*And relax, Brando, it's saved and ready for when I am. Before I leave for Parts North, I promise...