The Life, Death and Rebirth of a theater company: a brief History and Cautionary Tale

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  1. small but passionate band of artists form company in 1995
  2. entire company sucks it up/busts hump to help build amazing reputation/following
  3. reputation/following grows
  4. reputation/following grows
  5. reputation/following grows
  6. heartless capitalist landlord gives band of artists the heave-ho
  7. awesome (loaded) members of company contribute huge sums of money, buying the theater a home to live in
  8. awesome (not-loaded) member of company contributes huge amounts of sweat equity and genius to create sterling reputation in local theater community to raise the theater's profile
  9. entire company sucks it up/busts hump to help build amazing reputation/following
  10. reputation/following grows
  11. reputation/following grows
  12. reputation/following grows
  13. grumbling in the ranks about too much sucking it up/hump-busting, particularly as regards being cast in plays
  14. outright denial of unfair treatment by management
  15. miscommunication builds
  16. miscommunication builds
  17. miscommunication builds
  18. sides are taken
  19. loaded members take ball and go home
  20. not-loaded members take mailing list and go live out of (metaphorical) shopping cart
  21. website mysteriously vanishes
  22. former member/webmistress/general design lackey comes out of hiding to save "vanished" website, purchasing new URL, redirecting to new server
  23. former member/webmistress/general design lackey, peeved over having to spend time needlessly recreating work because of childish vendetta, propagates new URL all over the intertubes to get Google rank back up, then shamelessly requests others to come to her aid and do same

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