Now, more than ever


Reach out
when you feel like folding in.

Spend a little
where it matters
rather than shutting your wallet

Lend a hand
even if it seems
like no one is lending you one.

Especially if it seems like no one is lending you one.

Take a break
from your non-stop work
and your worry

and maybe, the TV.

Move your body
when you feel like balling it up
in the corner.

Throw off the covers
when you'd rather pull them up
over your head.

Wear a hat if you never have; wear a crazy hat if you already do.

Ask for help
when you're afraid.

Try a new thing
when you're afraid.

Mix it up
when you're afraid.

Now, more than ever

Write short
if you usually write long.

Write verse
if you usually write prose.

if you usually don't.

(No fooling.)


Photo by Marvin Joseph, Staff Photographer to The Washington Post, © 2006; via hortulus on Flickr.