Referral Friday: Superhero Designs


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Many, many moons ago (thank goodness), my friend, Uma, took very, very ill.

A whole world full of people took up the cause of getting her home and getting her better, and I'm happy to say that while she still has her struggles, she's doing better than any of us, including her now-husband, whom she married to the ringing cheers of friends and family, could have dreamed of during those dark first days.

It was during those dark first days when I thought of Andrea Scher and Superhero Designs. I'd first seen Andrea on a panel at the second annual BlogHer event, way back when it was still a smallish gathering of ladies and lady-friendly folk. She talked about her business, which was making jeweled necklaces, and her family and her blog, and through it all she emanated one of the most loving, quietly joyful, wonderful vibes I've ever felt. She was funny and self-effacing, but it was more than that: Andrea is one of those vehicles through which The Good Stuff moves, and she does what she can to keep it moving and herself out of the way.

The wonderful story behind her jewelry is that everyone is a superhero, and the necklaces help channel superpowers, to wit:

They will protect you from harm
attract people to you
and create magic in your life

I have held one in my hand, this green one, called "Chlorine", and watched Uma hold it in hers, and I believe this is true. And believing, well, that's 99% of it, right?

Besides, they are gorgeous. The one Andrea wore around her own neck that summer's day reminded me of candy, only what I imagine magical candy from heaven must be like.

There are beaded pieces and now pendants, all handmade. They are perfect, joyous gifts for one's own neck or the neck of a loved one.

Hey, you love me, right? And I love joy.



Superhero Designs
Beaded and pendant jewelry with superpowers.
$99 & $49

Oh, and you can hire Andrea to take pretty pictures, too! The shots above are ©Andrea Scher, natch.