Poetry Thursday: The bu-u-u-u-us

bloggy_lego-bus_bill-ward_2858932924_c96439c3b7_bI sat on a busbehind a beautiful man and his beautiful woman on a balmy night more beautiful even than all of us together (And this was a beautiful man.)

I sat with my head and my heart and my belly filled with the various wonders of the day, random and planned, buttered and plain, lovely and odd.

And I sat in my seat (with my book in my lap for camouflage) beside one young man speaking French to another

And I sat across the aisle from a girl who sang like a bird

And I sat a few rows up from a baby who cried like a baby

And we all sat like that, me and my book and these people and their music for a good twenty blocks

A very good twenty blocks

And I thought that my heart and my head and my belly were as full as could be with love and joy and music

Until I got off of the bus and I thought about how I would share it with you.

xxx c

Image by Bill Ward's Brickpile via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.