Poetry Thursday: Time off for good behavior


This post is for me, Colleen of the Future. But feel free to read along, if you like.

I'm guessing
you don't care anymore
that the desk was a mess
and the dishes piled up
and the eight million billion things
I heaped
on top of the laundry
never got done.

I'm guessing
that most of my time
spent worrying
could have been better spent
on almost anything,
and I hope I get points
for at least seeing that
from time to time.

I'm guessing
that the moments of glory
mean less right now
than the moments of Arnie
and that the reaching out
was at least as important
as the looking in.

I'm guessing
you still have arms
that can lift stuff
and legs
that can take you
from here to there
and a liver
in pretty good shape
but if not
I hope you know
how much fun I had
wearing them out.

I'm guessing
you are working still
and hoping
it is because
that's what we wanted
but if not
I trust
you have the grace
I've not yet found
to handle the curve balls
that life seems to throw.

I'm guessing
you have a loved one
or two
to share what joy
is yours to channel
but if not
I trust you will share
with whom you can
however you can.

I'm guessing
the things I did
outweigh the things I didn't
or the other way around,
but if not
I hope you know
that mostly,
I did the best I could
and when I didn't
I learned at least to note it.

I'm guessing
you forgive me
and that you love me
and that you wouldn't have it
any other way
but if not
please know
that I love you
and that it is okay
to rest
in peace.


Image by Sister72 via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.