Referral Friday: Barbara's at the Brewery


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One thing that drives me batty about Los Angeles is the paucity of excellent, low-key, non-gross hangs for a nice-sized crowd.

I hail from Chicago, you see, where the hardest thing about picking a place to meet is choosing which one to meet at. Maybe it's because the rents are cheaper; maybe it's because the people are.

Regardless, when you find a great venue to host a crowd, one with terrific draft beers and tasty food at reasonable prices, plus a big comfy space in which to hang, you must note it. And cherish it, and tell others, the right kind of others, hopefully, so that the cash will continue to flow its way and the vibe will persist in its awesomeness.

Barbara's at the Brewery scores on all the above counts, and it's easy to get to, and it has copious free parking on site. What's more it's the hang of choice (for obvious reasons) of the very nice tenants of the Brewery Arts Complex, an off-line brewery that was converted to artists' lofts long ago, and which is the place for the twice-yearly, super-crazy Artwalk at the Brewery.

They're even the unofficial headquarters of the KERNSPIRACY designers' list, meatspace division: I've enjoyed many a glass of Cab mingling with designers, photographers and other delightful creative folk.

If you live in Los Angeles and you're not a tool (sorry, tools, nothing personal!), please consider having your next party at the awesomely accommodating Barbara's.

And tell Mike that Colleen said to say, "Hi!"...


Photo © 2009 Aaron Wulf.

Barbara's at the Brewery
The Brewery Arts Complex