Frrrrriday Rrrrroundup! #43

shadows on the playa at burning man An end-of-weekly roundup collecting fffffive of the fffffoxiest things I fffffind stumbling around the web. More about the genesis here. Every dang Friday Round-Up here, you procrastinating slacker!

This bit on the high-WASP diet is a shining example of why Lisa is one of my favorite writers on the interwebs. [Facebook-ed]

Yes, George Carlin got off a good one now and then. Yes, that Louis C.K. "everything is amazing" bit was amazing itself. But I wonder if anyone will ever best the late Bill Hicks for heart + smarts. This monologue on life being just a ride is a perfect example of why. [Tumbled, via Wreck & Salvage]

I question whether I'll ever be orderly enough to travel with a single carry-on, but this video from Michael Hyatt (along with his typically helpful links and points in the post itself) is something to aim for. [Google Reader-ed]

Both Sugar herself and Daily Rumpus founder Stephen Elliott pointed to this Dear Sugar column on getting unstuck as their all-time favorite. And it's easy to see why. [delicious-ed]



Image by perfecto insecto via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.