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Apparently the Evil Salesmen of Illegally Obtainable Wood-Making Pharmaceuticals (and you know who you are) will stop at nothing to shill their effing crap.

Yes, even subverting the process of helping high school girls become strong, productive members of society. (As opposed to, oh, say, Sleazy and Morally Bankrupt Salesmen of Illegally Obtainable Wood-Making Pharmaceuticals. AHEM.)

We spent the better part of Monday—Labor Day, ironically!—trying to put Humpty together again. We've decided our efforts are better-placed posting interviews, prepping the big head-shaving extravaganza, and, most importantly, raising as much money as possible for WriteGirl by Tuesday, September 13.

So, heyóif you want to stick it to those Godless and Child-Hating Salesmen of Illegally Obtainable Wood-Making Pharmaceuticals, how about doing one of the following:

  • Donate! (always a good choice, especially if you haven't yet)
  • Tell someone! That person sitting next to you, maybe, or some friends on Facebook, or that cute guy in line at the coffee shop. (Hey—could be a win/win!)
  • Alert the media! Not about this stupid website hacking—about our 50-for-50 Project, where we are banding together in a massive uprising of communal effort to CHANGE THE WORLD for the better. Because hey, a bunch of regular people raising $50,000 in 40 days—yes, that's 10 days ahead of schedule—to make the world a better place is the kind of good news we could all stand to hear more of.
I hope to be back to our regularly scheduled hoopla soon.
xxx c