Embracing the tiny, Day 11: Crack

My collection of Things Familial has shrunk considerably over the years, mostly via a serious of small and deliberate contractions.

Fortunately, the most treasured artifacts lend themselves to repurposing. When they don't, I try to find other ways of keeping them meaningful and relevant.

Which is how my grandparents ended up hanging over the toilet.

On a purely practical level, they perfectly hide the wreckage left over from a fit of overly hasty remodeling, aka "renters' pique". Also, according to feng shui, my bathroom falls squarely in the "helpful people & travel" bagua, where reminders of fine folk and wonderful destinations are both auspicious types of things to display.

Most importantly, the light is good in my bathroom. It spends a lot of time there—almost as much as I do.

It would likely grieve Gram and Gramps to know that their beloved granddaughter is more often there out of necessity than she is vanity. On the other hand, together is together.

xxx c

This is Day 11 of a 21-day series. For more scoop on the who/what/why, go here.