Cut to the chase: Nadia or Bo?

They're both smokin' hot. They both have great hair. She's got Jesus in her corner; he looks like Jesus. Nadia and Bo are clearly the horserace, here. They're the only two real artists on Idol, singers who know who they are and sing it like it is, not like a pale imitation of someone else's is. Having these other well-meaning jokers on for another, six? eight weeks? Chinese water torture, American-style.

L.A. Jan thinks Bo should win on sheer vocal ability, but is getting behind Nadia because she feels Bo will get a contract regardless. I say Nadia wins because she rocks that shit from down deep and has style to spare. Hell, all the major labels are probably drawing up prospective contracts right now.

But I'm afraid I'm tuning out for the duration. I can't handle any more drip drip drips...

xxx c