10 blogs...tag! You're it!

Computer_1I find great things from my occasional random tumbles down the rabbit hole, but there's a reason certain sites stick in my RSS aggregator: consistent high quality linkage for my surfing safety and enjoyment. I am also a big (albeit newfound) fan of the tag. I've gotten reinvolved with Flickr! lately when it finally struck me that I could use it as a thought-starting, idea-generating, creative-juicing tool rather than just an electronic shoebox for all my snapshots.

My loves dovetailed nicely a few days ago when I was catching up with Jeff Jarvis's excellent site and stumbled upon a post about collecting great blogs and sharing them...via tags, which I wish TypePad would get busy and implement, dammit.

Anyway, in a post about tagging, top-whatever lists and how relevant an issue it is (or should be) in the blogosphere, Jeff points to fellow blogger Steve Rubel's Top 10 list, which Rubel artfully turned into a meme ("10 Blogs I Would Take to a Desert Island") via a Technorati tag. Lovely symmetry, that.

So, as my way of giving back to the blogosphere, and of showing how arbitrary all lists are...

  1. For consistent, laugh-out-loud hilarity, Go Fug Yourself!
  2. For snark, sass, wit and kickass reading lists, The Old Hag
  3. For my design porn fix, Cool Hunting
  4. For thoughtstarting, link-following and all-around cultural hoo-hah, my beautiful Blowhards
  5. For compulsive readability, dooce
  6. For my intellectual design porn fix, Design Observer
  7. For outside the box thinking, Seth Godin's blog
  8. For damn-the-wingnuts, full-speed-ahead punditry, Eschaton
  9. For my geek porn fix, 43 Folders (and the wiki...ooo, the wiki...)
  10. For all that is my adoptive city, blogging.la

Pass it on...

xxx c