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searchesAll searches personally inspected for your safety and convenience. Rubik salutation (MSN)

"Greetings, dorkmeister!"

brain disease when eyes are closed black and white morphing and dancing symptoms are seen ? (AOL)

Survey says...Darwinism!

designer graphic grocery flyer (Yahoo)

Using both the words "designer" and "graphic" very, very loosely.

perversity in Shane Alan Ladd (Google)

Don't you hate how when you rent that tape it's always stopped at the same place?

"waikiki"+"couch"+"balcony"+"photo" (Yahoo)

"overly" + "specific" + "mathematics" + "punctuation" = "nutjob"

blog dating schadenfreude improv (Google)

When reality TV and performance art collide.

freakily addictive games for ALL ages (Google)

Geek family values.

schwag hippy fest fans (Yahoo)

"My loft-mates went to Burning Man and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

coastal girl wearing skin tight mini dress pantyhose heels down on ground feeling kryp (AOL)

We're sorry. Your search returned no results. Did you mean "Chip"?

Photo Albums Pituitary Tumors (MSN)

I smell a new Flickr group...

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