The best laid plans of oft-laid women...

cheesysmile Okay, okay, I was perhaps a little overambitious thinking I could wreck-reate, Get to Empty and move the cursed blog in 11 days. Actually, had the cursed rain gods not woken me at the highly ungodly hour of 5 am, I might have sucked it up and made the move today. But me and code, we have a passing acquaintance at best. Add lack of sleep and I'd be sure to do something stupid like not bow low enough or call its mother a left-handed, bicycling whore and gum up the works for who knows how long.

On the bright side, since I promised myself I'd take care of all this crap last year, this year's resolutions are as yet unsullied.

I did, in fact, "get to empty" (vernacular for step one of David Allen's geek-approved Getting Things Done system for organization and lifestyle management) late last night, a signal event, as it involved me plowing through a solid, vertical foot-and-a-half of pulpy dread, including TWO, count 'em, TWO spiral notebooks filled with 80 college-ruled pages of line items. Each. I've been dodging those suckers for months now.

But now (non-geeks, please look away) I've dragged all those messy scraps that have been cowering in the dark corners of my purse(s), my glove compartment, my various voice mail accounts and voice memo recorders and summer jacket pockets, and stuffed them into a clutch of plain text files which fit elegantly onto a single thumb drive. Yee-hah!

Of course, now I have to keep up with the program. Collection, like fresh New Year's intentions, does not an implementation make.

However, I have hope. Outside of getting back on the SCD wagon (I fell off hard and was soundly trounced by horses bearing cupcakes and marshmallow snowman Peeps), my sole resolution for at least the next month is maintaining GTD. Hell, I may even take up smoking again! Well, not really, but I figure I may as well wait until the crowds thin out at the gym.

So no move for two weeks-ish. Until then, I'll probably stick to reviews, linkage and other stuff that doesn't require too much in the way of imagery.

Did you know you have to port all of those pictures to the new server by hand!?!

xxx c

P.S. Speaking of linkage, I am thriiiiiled to announce the arrival of my pal, Erik Patterson, to the blogosphere. His gig? One new thing every day. And he's tenacious, pups. Now all you non-Angelenos who can't get out to see Erik's fabulous plays can get a dose. Of writing. Get your minds out of the gutter...