9/13 & 9/14

cw & cw

We share the same initials.

We share the same nose
and bad vision
and bandy legs
and double-jointed thumb
and inexplicable love
of Judge Judy

We even share the same
birthday window
which for years
was a source
of tele-hilarity

"Happy birthday!" he'd say
beating me to it
by 24 hours
every time

We shared the planet
for 42 years
after which
he took off without me

(We share the same disease, too, you see,
only he got his first)

When he left
things were hard
for a long time

A long, long time

For the usual reasons
but also because
while he always worked hard
he did not
as it turns out
work clean

But three years
is a long time

A long, long time

And I have done my work
and I have made my peace
and now I get
that sometimes the best gift
you can give yourself
is to forgive
someone else

So as I turn 45
I have two things
to say:

I am Tony Wainwright's daughter
and "Happy Birthday"



Photo: Me & Tony, circa 1968. Me & Ann, last year.