The Zen of Everythingâ„¢, Day 10: Serendipity is as you like it

daylight ghosts When things are heavy on my mind, as they were last night, I sleep fitfully, dream much, awaken often.

I woke up finally this morning with a bolt, and a strange directive: Olive Prouty.

I'll spare you the woowoo details, but I'm fairly sure it was a message from Mom. Why she's pestering me from the Great Beyond after a rough evening and fitful night's sleep is a matter for the medium, but I'm sure it was so, and no amount of skeptic's reasoning from The BF would convince me otherwise.

Later today, after some scrambled eggs, coffee and time, The Lesson for Today came to me. Only I was driving, you see, and it wasn't safe to write, and there was no need to pull over because of course, I would remember it.

So maybe that wasn't The Lesson. Or maybe it was.

Maybe it wasn't Mom. Or maybe it was.

It is my life to create, they are my dots to connect. I am the decider.

And Lesson #11? Either have a way to capture it, or have a way to let it go.

Because I say so...

xxx c Image by ohmomof1 via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.