The Zen of Everythingâ„¢, Day 9: What perfect feels like

seagull in New Zealand I had a call today from The Youngster, an ex who is both a current friend and collaborator. Along with The BF, we're working on a couple of interesting projects (one I can show you; one I've alluded to) that have, in the main, gone swimmingly, but have been quite a lot of work (as I've also alluded to).

When I gave him the good news that one big project had moved through a really big phase with no changes, that is, p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y, a variation of my favorite word, he congratulated me. Us. And added:

"What's more important is that now you know what perfect feels like."

That fucker. He's, like, the original Speaker in Zen Koans. And he's fully 12 years younger than I.

But I'm catching up. While we were still in the conversation, I managed to grok it: if this is what perfect feels like, maybe I ought to start reaching for something else. Because guess what, perfect doesn't feel so all-fire fantastic. Lesson #9: A race is not always about the finish line.

Bonus extra: Lesson #10: Sometimes, the work is not the Work.

A big, big day. And whaddya know, mostly, I just rested.

Talk about your lessons...

xxx c Image by leiwandnz via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.